5 Outdated Sales Techniques that Hurt Your Productivity and Sales

Making sales and increasing your company’s revenue requires technique and training. You can’t use old methods as they are no longer effective and rarely will you convert leads. For example, cold calling is an outdated selling technique and nobody likes to be bothered by products and services that they are not interested in. However, you can use location specific resources such as a western directory to find companies in the west that could benefit from your services and create marketing pitches that appeal to them specifically. Furthermore, you can’t act like a salesperson who is enthusiastic about boring features and tools or who isn’t honest. People don’t want to work with someone who they feel isn’t about helping them, but is only focused on making a sale. Additionally, using persuasion to sell products is no longer necessary. You should be focusing on high-quality leads — those that need your service or are already interested in it. You should not have to tell your leads why they need your products and how they will benefit them.

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